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Casualties of the business tech wars


So what tech team are you on?

If you know me, you know I enjoy my Apple products, and I’ll continue using them until I come across better alternatives. You can insist you know something better, or that I’m blind, or stupid, but why would I care about what you think is better for me.

The technologies and businesses that we all hold so dear will eventually die and be tossed into the trash bin of history. The phone that you herald as the second coming will become old, annoying, and clunky within a decade. The companies you fawn over now can crumble to nothingness at the expense of startups we don’t expect. Be lost in the present and the pleasantries of using what you have now.

A piece of technology will always be a tool. The advancement of this tool is subject to opinion, but the point of it was to help me do something I felt was important. Let's all laugh at the cavemen lost in a shouting match about which rock was better at bashing a fish’s head in… future generations will surely do the same with us. If I use my tool to get my important tasks done in the most efficient way possible, then why have insecurities about how others choose to bash the heads in of their fish. So long as the fish is dead, what does it matter?

With its promise of shaping the future and humanity’s interaction with it, debating the merits of technology is as fun as it is irresistible. But for those who insist on fighting the battle of which technology is best, the web has enough verbal war-zones, filled with combatants who have a short-sighted view not just on the meaning of technology, but on the meaning of life.