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PruTech Solutions

UX Designer & Developer
2018 - Present

  • Developed prototypes and integrated designs with evolving Angular codebase for large scale government systems
  • Coordinated maintenance of design systems with developers and designers to deliver enterprise grade products for NYC agencies
  • Defined complex requirements and processes by creating models and mockups in collaboration with subject matter experts and analyst

NYC Government Department of Youth and Community Development

UX Designer & Developer
2015 - 2018

  • Managed interface design and development across the agency with custom designs and code libraries used across multiple teams
  • Lead design collaboration for public facing web and mobile products used by young people and community organizers throughout NYC
  • Contributed research, designs, and C# code across the financial, enterprise, and public facing agency sectors to facilitate interagency IT modernization


UX Designer
2012 - 2013

  • Conducted qualitative and quantitative research on teachers to observe and record methods that help define product flow and user stories
  • Designed new products based on established learning science and user study results to help teachers automate algebra problem assignment, classroom assessment, and motivational communication

Real Capital Analytics

QA Specialist
2015 - 2018

  • Refactored VB.NET codebase, and applied continuous integration processes to reduce regression testing, integration, and deployment times by over 80%
  • Created technical documentation templates used for system analysis on various commercial real-estate financial modeling products

Supplemental Freelance, Contract, and Volunteer Work

Hunter College

Programming Instructor
2013 - Present

  • Designed web programming curriculum with lesson plans, newsletters, assignments, and exams for UX, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript courses
  • Taught coding and design concepts to students in classes ranging from 5-15 students, using engaging labs and lectures

Client Web Design
2008 - Present

  • Delivered custom front-end HTML, CSS, and JavaScript solutions integrated with content management systems
  • Provided copywriting, SEO, and SMO marking techniques to support content cohesion and a consistent positive web presence

Burke Consulting

UX Designer
2012 - 2014

  • Designed school information system to increase engagement by 40% while reducing session duration, bounce rate, and pages by 20%
  • Identified pain points within the NYC Cristo Rey School Network using interviews and observations to gain product insight, support design decisions, and define a cohesive UX process


Software Engineer

  • Provided analysis on database design, requirements, and configurations
  • Administrated and maintained Oracle databases during planned migration


Software Engineer

  • Conducted code analysis and compatibility testing for cable TV interfaces
  • Performed testing and configuration for set-top box hardware upgrades

Lockheed Martin

Software Engineer

  • Updated and refactored legacy pascal-based interfaces for foreign countries
  • Curated department information by developing a Sharepoint platform